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A sunny start but the clouds are rolling in

Friday, 11 May 2012

“Energy and persistence conquers all things”
Benjamin Franklin.


Jennifer J (Eddie Ahern) being led by The Guv'nor

It is a much warmer morning with a good drying breeze. The clouds are moving across the sky quite quickly and if this keeps up the grass will soon become perfect. We have been on the Al Bahathri at first lot and second lot actually came up the grass on Railway Land which was riding just on the soft side.  There have been a few owners and friends out this morning, with plenty of cheerful banter.

     11-_Jennifer_J_Eddie_Ahern_Cat_Island_Abbi Jennifer J on the far side with Cat Island near side

We have two runners today at Lingfield. Comrade Bond runs at 4:20 in the seven furlong handicap. He is not drawn very well in nine but hopefully can run a good race. Funny things can happen. Old Marvo runs in the next - the mile handicap. He has been a model of consistency all winter. His only blip was last time at Beverley where it was nearly unraceable, and he ran a stinker. However,  you cannot blame him for that and I am sure back on the surface he likes he will not run like that again.

     11-_Joe_The_Coat_Harry_My_Guardian_Angel_Butch     11-_Sleigh_Bells_Robbie_Astroscarlet_Abbi_Dine_Out_Nikki

                             L- Joe The Coat                                        (L-R) Sleigh Bells, Astroscarlet

                     R- My Guardian Angel                                                             Dine Out

It’s been an unusual Chester week with the ground playing a big part in the results. The crowds though have been fantastic as normal, and everybody makes an effort to look smart. I am sure huge credit must go to the officials there as it has been quite tricky at times to keep the racing on. The starting stalls and ambulances have had major problems, and many starts have been by flag. These have all gone remarkably well and show the jump jockeys how it should be done. Phil came up with one of his gems about Chester in the past and it is as follows…

As the oldest established racecourse in Britain, Chester has seen many weird and wonderful happenings over the centuries. Here’s a gem, from the days when the track was marked out with ropes rather than the white running rails we are familiar with today.

A colt called Hairbreadth, by Escape, bolted over the ropes and piled full tilt into a typically steadfast and stiff-upper-lipped Officer of Dragoons, Sir John Miller. The unfortunate Hairbreadth was killed instantly as the peak of Sir John’s helmet pierced his skull while still on the head of the baronet, who was literally unmoved and escaped injury altogether. 


My Guardian Angel (Butch)