It's Champions weekend ...

A good morning of fast work

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
Edmund Burke.


The string heading up The Town Canter

A real mixed start to the day weather-wise with sunshine, rain and hail all at different intervals. The temperature has also dropped and you need the heater on in the car. We have been working two lots on the Al Bahathri - Ted and Eddie have been out and are both in very good form. I have worked a mixture of older horses and few two-year-olds and couldn’t be more pleased with how the morning has gone.

       15_-_Rayvin_Black_Eddie_Like_Clockwork_Robbie      15_-_Astroscarlet_Jordan_Sleigh_Bells_Abbi

             (L) Rayvin Black (Eddie Ahern)                              (L) Astroscarlet (Jordan)

                (R) Like Clockwork (Robbie)                                      (R) Sleigh Bells (Abbi)

Joe The Coat ran a reasonable race last night to finish fourth. He will certainly benefit from a step up in trip and needs to strengthen up as the year goes on. The winner and second looked pretty decent and they may go on to better things. You never know what you are meeting in these maidens and Windsor is a funny course for form to work out afterwards, especially on soft ground.

      15_-_Astromagick_Nikki_Chankillo_Lauren        15_-_Dine_Out_Ted_Red_Hermes_Hannah

                  (L) Astromagick (Nikki)                                         (L) Dine Out (Ted Durcan)

                   (R) Chankillo (Lauren)                                            (R) Red Hermes (Hannah)

Both of our horses that were entered on the first two days at York have been balloted out at the declaration stage, which is very disappointing as both had good chances. However, with the prize money situation like it is everybody wants to run. The prize money is good at York, and it is a great track for looking after owners as well. Hopefully we will run Rayvin Black there on Friday which looks like being my only runner on the Knavesmire.

While on the matter of prize money, I see that the ROA have done a survey on the average cost of keeping a horse in training. It just goes to show how difficult it is for trainers to keep their costs down, and for owners to keep their horses in training when the prize money is still very low. Our National Trainers President has stated that the only solution where owners’ costs are concerned is the prize money.  He also points out that countries that don’t have off-course bookmakers such as Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and France have got so much more prize money than we have. He says, “It sounds like I am having a go at the bookmakers but that is why our prize money is so derisory”. I cannot agree with him more. This is a battle we must win and the government have got to help us.


 Second lot bunching up

(L) Likelikelikeit (Harry) (C) Cat Island (Abbi) (R) Astrosapphire (Lauren)


The Guv'nor living up to his name playing hurling with Eddie this morning

There was a famous hurling player in Ireland with the same name.