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A warm fast work morning

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”
Benjamin Disraeli.


Twelfth Night and her filly foal by Halling

It was another very warm night, but thunderstorms are in the air and we need one or two of them as it is beginning to get very close and muggy. A good drop of rain now would do everything a power of good, especially the gallops which are starting to get very firm once again. I have been working the horses on the peat moss on Racecourse Side which is in great shape. First lot went well and we are having a few two-year-olds at second lot - we will be starting to send them on in readiness for their debuts in the not too distant future.

     29_-_filly_foal_by_Bahamian_Bounty_ex_Astrodonna      29_-_filly_foal_by_halling_ex_Optimistic_-_full_sister_to_Rayvin_Black

          Filly foal by Bahamian Bounty                       Filly foal by Halling ex Optimistic 

                            ex Astrodonna                                                   Full sister to Rayvin Black

Dine Out ran as expected yesterday at Kempton. She was drawn badly and they went flat out early on. She hated the kick-back which Saleem said was as bad as he had known it. I think once I get her back on the turf, and maybe fit a bit of headgear to help her in the early part of the race, she will be seen in a different light.  


Bay colt by Virtual ex Qilin

All of the mares and foals are really thriving at the stud and with the rain we have had we are getting a good growth of grass for the first time in a few years. The mares are already getting back in foal and at the recent count we had seventeen in foal with four results to come. This side of the business is doing remarkably well, but it takes a lot of man hours and, like anything to do with animals, you always get a few disappointments and surprises. This year’s foals are looking like a really nice bunch and are growing on very well. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up. It won’t be long before they are on their way to Garrowby and last year's crop is coming back the other way into training.


Topatoo and her filly foal by Rail Link

Topatoo is the dam of Toptempo who runs in The Oaks on Friday