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A trip to The Links for some schooling

Thursday, 31 May 2012


“Wise men profit more by fools than fools by wise men.”
Marcus Porcius Cato.


Chankillo (Lauren) watched by The Guv'nor

It is an overcast morning with a slight breeze, but the temperature has held up well and it was a decision whether to go out in sheets or stripped at first lot. I am sure I made the right decision to put sheets on. The yard is very sheltered, and when you got out on to the Heath in the wide open spaces it was blowing a bit and the sheets just kept the horses warm enough. Everything had a good canter at first lot and second lot was a mixed bunch with four going up to the schooling grounds where Colin and Harry were the two pilots. The rest just stayed Bury Side cantering on the hills. I was delighted with how the schooling went - as the grass was still too firm we schooled on the all-weather strip which has four hurdles. This is a very useful addition to the facilities, especially at this time of year.

       31-_Ron_Colin_Bolger       31-_Astrogold_Nikki_

                           Ron (Colin Bolger)                                                         Astrogold (Nikki)


We have no runners today, but a couple tomorrow and then a few over the weekend with a lot of entries on Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday. With the build-up to The Oaks and The Derby I have been amazed by the lack of air time the most famous race in the world has been receiving both on the TV and radio, especially when the BBC are broadcasting it at the weekend and it is the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday.

The Queen never misses a Derby if at all possible. She has been absolutely marvellous for the racing industry with her enthusiasm and involvement as an owner and breeder, she is very knowledgeable on all subjects equine and I often wonder who will take over her mantle when she is no longer with us. You get bombarded with tennis from France and the merry-go-round of football managers out of season, but nothing about The Derby and The Oaks. What Racing For Change are doing I don’t know. It always irks me that minority sports seem to get far more tabloid space than the second biggest spectator sport in the country.

       31-_Old_Boy_Ted_Colin_Bolger      31-_Locum__Colin_Bolger

                                     Old Boy Ted                                                                         Locum