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A cooler start with a pick of grass

Saturday, 02 June 2012


“No fantasy is more unlikely, or more probable, than the Derby, a race which is perpetual, unmatched, and immortal.”

Alistair Burnett.


First lot led by Barwick

It is a much cooler morning with the temperature having certainly dropped down considerably overnight. The breeze has got up, and once you are out on the Heath a jacket is needed. We have had a reasonable morning so far with a healthy canter and a pick of grass on Long Hill, sheltered out of the wind by the copse. It was one of those days yesterday which I will explain further down the page.  They say training racehorses can be character building, but as I have said many times before, it would be marvellous if you didn’t have to keep getting it on your C.V.

      2-_Blimey_Oriley_Abbi_Like_Clockwork_Jordan       2-_Eanans_Bay_Ian_Cotton_Grass_Steve

    Blimey O'Riley leading Like Clockwork              Eanas Bay followed by Cotton Grass

We have only got one runner now today as Rayvin Black stood on a hind plate yesterday at Newcastle while he was on his way to Musselburgh. I sent him up in the same box as Astrogold and he stood on the plate overnight. Unfortunately one of the nails went into this foot and he was very sore. Poulticing helps, but the vet who was on hand advised me that he wouldn’t be fit to run, so he has come back home and we will be getting a shoe on him early next week. This was very frustrating as it looked like an ideal opportunity to win a very nice race. Everything was in our favour, ground, draw and then this happens which is out of our control. It drives you barmy.

Astrogold pulled a bit hard and needs to learn to settle better in her races. She did cough afterwards though, and I will be having a blood off her as soon as possible to check if she has the same infection to which Toptempo succumbed.  What a frustrating day it was all round - one minute a runner in The Oaks and a well-fancied horse on its way up North, and the next both of them on the sidelines.


Shomberg bringing up Battery Power and Locum

Our only runner today is Dazinski at Haydock who runs in the 2:10 – the two mile handicap. This is very competitive as so few of these races are scheduled due to courses not wanting to put the prize money in, although to give Haydock its due today's prize-money is very good. He ran a sound race at Chester last time on ground that he hated, and now back on a more suitable surface – good to firm – he will certainly have a better chance of running well.


Silk Scarf

It was a very muddling race for The Oaks yesterday with no pace on at all and plenty of scrimmaging back in the pack. Aidan did it once again though, with this £ 1,200,000 yearling starting to get her purchase price back. It will be interesting to see how the form works out in the future if a much stronger pace is adopted. Today’s Derby looks another O’Brien bonanza with Camelot the Guineas winner being a red hot favourite. I can’t see him being beaten and think he will win pretty easily. It will be a marvellous occasion with The Queen starting the Jubilee Weekend off with her customary attendance at this great race. I am sure it will be the highlight of her weekend as she is so passionate about anything racing.


Battery Power (Butch) enjoying a pick of grass

We have no runners on Sunday as we still want a good dollop of rain to alter the racing surface and cut firm out of the going descriptions. If it’s in there you know there is no give at all.  Hopefully we should have a couple of runners on Monday, neither of which should mind the ground.

2-_The_string_pasing_The_GuvnorThe Guv'nor watching his string


NAG-_JubileeWishing everybody a happy Jubilee weekend