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It's wet!

Monday, 11 June 2012

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

Winston S. Churchill.

11-_First_lot_up_the_pollyFirst lot coming up Warren Hill polytrack



We have had a really wet night and it has continued on throughout the morning. We have all got completely soaked at both lots before breakfast and, as I write this, it is still coming down. Two canters up the hill were the orders for the day with everything, and despite the conditions I have not heard any moaning voices from the staff. I really do have a lot of good, enthusiastic people working for me and it always helps if the horses are running well.

  Astroscarlet, Red Hermes                                                                          Five Hearts, Astrogold


My Guardian Angel leads Chankillo

 Like Clockwork and Rayvin Black follow

We have one runner tonight at Pontefract - Blimey O’Riley in the two-mile and one furlong handicap at 7:20.  I don’t think that the track completely suited him last time at Salisbury and today’s left handed, stiff uphill finish should be more up his street. I am hoping for a reasonable run and it would be great for his owners Trevor and Betty to get into the money.


All of our runners ran well on Saturday. Both Kathleen Frances and Battery Power just met one on the day, although I think the horse that beat Battery Power might have had a few pounds in hand! I was also delighted with how Zenarinda ran. I thought Harry gave her a good ride and she ran a sound race to finish fifth. She seems to love it round Chester and these tight, left-handed tracks seem to suit her. I will be looking for similar conditions in the near future.



I see we can expect a late publication of next year's fixture list again as the BHA starts negotiations on the levy. Don’t get me going on the fixture list and race planning as it is a complete shambles and has been for many years. There has never been a proper analysis of how it should work, and there are so many anomalies it is untrue. In this day and age of computerisation it should be so simple, but it requires work and determination – something that seems to be very lacking in the people dealing with this problem. Only this morning there were trainers bemoaning the fact that there are very few maidens and handicaps over a mile and a half plus for three year olds. We all know the problems with the three year old sprinters, and there are so many others I could go on for ever. We just need somebody to get to grips with it, but they must understand racing. These people seem in very short supply.

                                                                                                              The Guv'nor and Chris Wall