The turf season is just around the corner ...

Thankfully a dry day

Monday, 25 June 2012

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin.


First lot heading out led by Mystery Star

It has been a dull but dry morning and let’s hope the rain stays away so we can have a rain free week. It would certainly help the tracks, as most of them are very much on the soft side. We have had a good exercise with everything this morning - mostly up Warren Hill polytracks. The majority of the horses have had two canters with the ones that have run or are on the come-back trail having one up the hill and a good walk.

     25_-_heading_up_the_polly    25_-_The_Guvnor_with_Sir_Henry

The string coming up the polytrack - watched by The Guv'nor and Sir Henry Cecil

We won't be having any runners until Wednesday, but then there will be a few everyday up to Sunday. They all still look very healthy and are eating well. I think that when we get a blip and they do run badly, it is mainly down to how they have been ridden. With the amount of racing we have it is very hard to get the top jockeys who make such a difference. You would think we would have an abundance of young jockeys and apprentices wanting to get to the top, especially with the amount of racing we have on a daily basis. With all this racing going on, there would be plenty for them to practice on. Apart from Paul Hanagan there are very few English born jockeys I can think of who are starting to hit the big time.


Barwick, Locum and Shomberg jumping off at second lot...

Barwick runs at Carlisle on Wednesday

It was fantastic that Black Caviar managed to hang on in the Diamond Jubilee. She certainly can’t have been at her best and afterwards looked pretty stiff in the winning enclosure. I think a combination of the travel, time of year (it’s the Australian winter) and the ground were against her showing us how good she is. What a fantastic record though, twenty-two out of twenty-two and congratulations to all the connections who had the guts to bring her all this way and race her. She got the great honour of meeting our Queen in the winning enclosure and I am sure those photos will be treasured forever.


... Followed by Old Boy Ted and Cotton Grass

It was a great Royal Ascot – one of the best I can remember, and my tipping wasn’t too bad either. Phil’s comments are below…

Phil writes:

The Guvnor made all in our Royal Ascot tipping competition and won going away on the final day with a spell-binding four winners out of six. He ended the week £185.66 in profit to a £10 level stake, the sort of performance most national newspaper tipsters can only dream about.

As for me, I missed the break and was never a factor, finishing £139 down on the week. Bad luck in running though …..


Heading away up the hill