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A proper summer morning

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

 “Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise.”
Samuel Lover.

       26_-_first_lot_arriving_at_racecourse_Side     26_-_Lady_Bellatrix_-_Eddie_with_The_Guvnor 

         First lot arriving at Racecourse Side                  Lady Bellatrix - Eddie Ahern

It is a glorious morning with plenty of sunshine and a proper summer temperature. The ground Across the Flat, where I took the first two lots of horses, was absolutely perfect. “Very good ground”, “the best we had ridden on” were two of the comments from the riders this morning. Everything went according to plan, and both horses and lads did a very good job.


Dine Out led by Astroleo up the Ecotrack at Racecourse Side

There are two or three interesting articles in the Racing Post today which deserve a little comment. Firstly the owner of Simenon who is British-based and has this horse trained in Ireland (he won two races at Royal Ascot last week), was complaining quite rightly about the level of prize money and what the courses offer the owners. “A cup of tea and a nasty cake” were his comments, and apart from Chester he is about right. The prize money situation has slightly improved - only due to the Horsemen's Group’s tariffs - and in my opinion they should be much higher. This article brings us on to another where our local MP, Matthew Hancock, has managed to get a second reading of an offshore gambling bill in the Houses of Parliament. This bill aims to claw back millions of pounds in tax which should have been paid, but because the bookmakers are offshore has not. All of this takes so much time and energy; it’s great that we have an MP who has the determination. Let’s hope he gets somewhere.


Dazinski leads Cotton Grass and Five Hearts at second lot

Another fantastic article is on Reg Hollinshead who is into his eighty-eighth year now. What a life he has led, and how life has changed since he first started. This is a great article and should be read by everybody - especially those aspiring jockeys of the future. You will never get anywhere without talent, but you also need to work and put 100 per cent into whatever you do. If you do that, and fail, at least you have tried and know you have done your best. There are so many people who don’t put 100 per cent in and consequently don’t fulfil their potential.


The Rowley Mile Grandstand

bathed in sunshine this morning...


... and the irrigation system used for the course