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Olympic torch not represented by racing…

Monday, 02 July 2012

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Winston Churchill.

2_-_Mystery_Star_Like_ClockworkMystery Star and Like Clockwork

It started off as a bright morning but the wind has now got up and is blowing in quite a lot of cloud which looks to be carrying plenty of rain. As I speak a few spots are starting to fall. We did two good canters up Warren Hill with most of the horses this morning which is normal for a Monday and everything continues to please me.


Shomberg brings up Five Hearts and Dine Out at first lot

It was a mixed weekend for our runners with the two at Lingfield both performing well and Kathleen Frances running with credit at Chester. Zenarinda couldn’t get any cover and consequently pulled too hard and didn’t get home. The other disappointment was Rayvin Black who I think just did not handle the track at all at Chester and could never get into a proper rhythm. We will have him checked over today, but he has eaten up and dived into his breakfast this morning.


The Guv'nor with Colin Driver (Bury Side Foreman), Graham Locking  (Chaplain to the racing industry) and Nick Patton (Training Grounds Manager)

We have one runner today at Pontefract – Jennifer J  in the 5:00, the mile-and-a-half handicap. She has been gradually improving all year and hopefully will get competitive once again today. We shall then have no runners on Tuesday or Wednesday but from Thursday onwards we should have quite a few.


Akula (Wajid)

Our equine dentist Gary was here last week doing both the yard and the stud. He comes twice a year on a regular basis, but will pop in specially if required. We have done a video of him which hopefully will be informative for all our owners.


We have got the Olympic Torch coming through Newmarket next Saturday afternoon which should be very well worth seeing - it will not happen again in our lifetime. The only disappointing part  is that no racing people will be carrying it. I don’t know how they are selected, but of the five people carrying it three are from Cambridge and one is a well-deserving charity worker from Newmarket. Who the other one is I don’t know. I would have thought it was a foregone conclusion that Lester Piggott or Frankie Dettori would have been one of the bearers and it’s disappointing that the home of horse racing will have no representatives.


The string turning for home