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A healthy, fast workout

Tuesday, 03 July 2012

“Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

William Faulkner.


3_-_first_lot_arriving_at_the_Al_BahathriThe string arriving at the Al Bahathri for first lot

It is another damp morning after a very wet night and even I am now hoping that we can get some sunshine and that the weather brightens up. A good month of warm weather would do everyone the power of good. I have been doing fast work this morning on the Al Bahathri gallop that comes up on Railway Land and through the gap to Lord Derby’s. Ted and Eddie were both out and in good form. We are now about to have a few colts through the starting stalls after breakfast.

       3_-_Five_Hearts       3_-_Dine_Out

                Eddie Ahern with Five Hearts                                  Ted Durcan on Dine Out

Five Hearts is running at Yarmouth on Thursday

Jennifer J ran another sound race at Pontefract yesterday to finish second, but I hate coming second as nobody remembers it and they go up the handicap as well. She has now been second twice from her last two runs, will have gone up the handicap considerably and won very little prize money in the process. I think that the second prize money yesterday was something like £673 before deductions which is very poor indeed. The ground had changed as well. It started off as good, went to good - to - soft and then soft. All the times showed it was very soft from the start of racing and why they don’t know or don’t tell you the truth is another matter for discussion. She has now shown that she goes on anything, stays well and is sure to win races this season.


N/S - Star Commander, Chankillo - O/S

I see that the racecourse commentators are all breathing a sigh of relief, or at least most of them are, now that they look to have all got new contracts. There was some doubt about several of them including Jim McGrath and Derek Thompson. Most of them do a fantastic job and have their own style and characteristics. What the public want to hear is a clear description of what is going on in the race and that extra something which makes it special. We certainly don’t want a bland caller with a squeaky voice.


Dine Out, Red Hermes, Astroleo

Dine Out is entered at Warwick on Friday

There is a great article by David Ashforth in the Racing Post today on an old eccentric owner (Rachel Parsons) who lived in Newmarket in the 1950s. She was the only daughter of Sir Charles Parsons and granddaughter of the third Earl of Rosse. When both her father and mother died she inherited the equivalent of at least £45 million. It is a fascinating piece and well worth a read.


N/S - Mystery Star, Dazinski - O/S

Below is the second part of our equine dentistry trilogy. We hope that you are finding the information interesting and informative.