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Fully utilising the artificial surfaces due to this weather

Wednesday, 04 July 2012

“I always prefer to believe the best of everybody; it saves so much trouble”
Rudyard Kipling.


Marsh Dragon

It is yet another very wet morning and I’ve just had a text message to say all the fast ground gallops are being closed; this means that the Limekilns on Bury Side and the peat moss Between the Banks over on Racecourse Side will be off limits. They close these pieces of ground to stop them getting ploughed up by heavy usage as it takes so long to recover when this happens. We have just had a canter on the artificial surfaces up Warren Hill and tried to dodge the rain each lot.

      4_-_Dine_Out_Toptempo_Dazinski       4_-_Star_Commander_Cotton_Grass_Five_Hearts

      L/H/S - Dine Out leads Toptempo and Dazinski

R/H/S - Star Commander brings up Cotton Grass and Five Hearts

We have no runners today, but there will be a few tomorrow at Haydock and Yarmouth. Amazingly the groundsman at Yarmouth says that he may have to water the straight if they don’t get any more rain before racing. The rain must have a special aversion to Yarmouth, as they haven’t had any there all year. Everywhere else is bottomless and the clerks of the course are trying to con us into going by putting “good” somewhere in the going description, but the times tell us it is heavy. We had a National Trainers meeting yesterday and this is one of the subjects that came up - why can't clerks of the course tell us the truth?

       4_-_Butch_tacking_up_Barwick      4_-_second_lot_crossing_bury_road_-_barwick

Butch tacking up Barwick before second lot...

...and leading second lot home across the Bury Road

It’s great to see that Derek Thompson may be coming out of hospital today. It sounds like it was a much bigger operation than was first thought, and I’m sure as a workaholic it will be driving Derek barmy not to be able to do anything. Everybody wishes him well, but he must take time to recover and not come back too quickly.


The HayGain steamer in action at Flint Cottage

Below you can see the last in the trilogy of videos showing Gary, the equine dentist, in action.  If you would like to watch the full-length video then you can do so, along with a number of others, on our YouTube site.



Looking out for mice....or sheltering from the rain?