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A busy morning of faster work on both hills

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

“Be not afraid of life, believe that life is worth living and your belief will create the fact.”
Henry James.


Taking a turn on Long Hill

It is a warmish morning and as yet we haven’t had any rain, but the forecast is for heavy showers for the rest of the week. We have just heard that Pontefract is off today as they have had ten millimetres of rain since nine o’clock and parts of the course are flooded. I have had a busy morning with all three lots having a good exercise on both Warren and Long Hills. The grass canters are in great shape and while they are like this I will be getting as much benefit from them as I can.


Lady Bellatrix leads Toptempo past The Guv'nor

         10_-_Rayvin_Black_Akula      10_-_Star_Commander_Kathleen_Frances

                     Rayvin Black with Akula                      Star Commander with Kathleen Frances

Kathleen Frances runs at Epsom on Thursday

We have no runners today but plenty tomorrow and then right on through the week with horses running every day. I just hope the rain keeps away from most of the tracks and that the ground will be suitable. I have already mentioned the jockey situation and Richard Hannon – one of our senior and most respected trainers - has had a real go today about it. It has only been bought on by the racecourses themselves, and the race planners of the BHA who have no experience of what the horsemen have to go through. The jockeys themselves won’t know where they are going until ten o’clock forty-eight hours before, so how can anybody else plan? It is a nightmare.

     10_-_Mare_1     10_-_Foal_rolling     10_-_Foal_head_1

Looking on at one of the foals having fun in the sun

I see that the dopers have discovered a couple more things to make horses run faster. A big article appears in the Racing Post today on the subject. It seems to have raised its head in America and South Africa and the world doping agencies and veterinary scientists are on the case. There are a number of interesting statistics on page five though where you will see a list of race day testing nation-by-nation. It is fascinating to see that we are one of only a couple of countries which don’t conduct more tests than there are races, i.e. in 2009/10 Australia had 19,438 races and tested 41,414 runners, Japan had 17,697 races and tested 42,775 runners and we had 9,566 races but tested only 7, 952 runners. I’m sure that our powers-that-be will justify this by saying “it’s too expensive” and they are saving money. How crackers is this? They even sold our forensic laboratory to a private firm a few years ago and are now having to pay them to do it. You couldn’t write the script. The people who are doping horses cannot have any morals and cannot even like horses as the damage that it does to them is immeasurable. If caught, they should be banned for life and made massive examples of. On that same list of testing you will see that Hong Kong and Japan test a lot and have not had a positive test. This goes to show what can be done if the industry is run right and has the right funding.

10_-_Mares_and_foals_1Enjoying the good weather in one of the paddocks while it lasts