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No rain today

Thursday, 12 July 2012

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What's a sundial in the shade?”
Benjamin Franklin.


First lot coming up Long Hill grass canter

Tattersalls sale ring can be seen in the background

It is a bright sunny morning with no wind, but how long will this last? We got absolutely soaked yesterday  here in Newmarket, where it threw it down morning, noon and night, and racing at both Lingfield and Yarmouth were hit with big thunderstorms. I went to Yarmouth and it was unbelievable, with big black clouds and thunder flashes. All  the horses have been out this morning in very good time as a number of ours go through the sales today and we need a lot of staff on parade. They had a good long canter up Long Hill grass and, with the ground just on the soft side, everything moved really well.


Comrade Bond - winning at Yarmouth

Many thanks to Roger Harris - Photoaction - for the above photograph

Yesterday was a good day with Comrade Bond winning the feature race at Yarmouth, much to the delight and excitement of his very enthusiastic band of owners. He is a marvellous horse to have anything to do with as he acts on any ground, is genuine and still improving. He is a perfect partnership horse. I thought Ryan Moore gave him a great ride yesterday - he had done his homework as he had talked to Ted Durcan, who has ridden the horse many times before, and the plan worked very well.

Both Red Hermes and Shomberg ran with credit. Marvo got completely flattened by an idiot apprentice who got four days but should have got four months. These boys will never learn unless they are really taught a lesson. Old Boy Ted got bogged down in the ground which was really testing, but will certainly redeem himself on a faster surface.

        12_-_Astroscarlet_Lady_Bellatrix     12_-_Chankillo_Blimey_ORiley

                  Astroscarlet, Lady Bellatrix                                    Chankillo, Blimey O'Riley

We have one runner tonight at Epsom. Kathleen Frances goes in the 7:20, the mile and a half handicap, with Richard Hughes taking the ride. She has never run at this unique course before, but seems to act on most tracks so I wouldn’t fear the Epsom switch-back. If there was to be any more rain it would certainly help her cause, but I am sure she will not be far off once again tonight.


Mystery Star (Butch) brings up Akula (Wajid)

It was great to see the boycott at Worcester work well yesterday and I am very disappointed by the BHA’s reaction, reported in the Racing Post today. This just goes to show how out of touch this organisation is. Even to consider taking further disciplinary action against the trainers involved is ridiculous. I hope Mark Johnston - who is on the BHA board - can explain to the other members the situation in the real world. These courses get unbelievable amounts of money per race for the picture rights alone, and they just do not put it back into the prize money. I would love to see all the financial matters settled quickly with agreement from all parties. Things are certainly coming to a head now and will  have to be sorted out soon.


Rayvin Black watching the goings on in the yard