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A busy morning and a visit by owners

Saturday, 14 July 2012

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
Albert Einstein.

14_-_First_lot_arriving_at_The_Al_BahathriFirst lot arriving at the Al Bahathri this morning

We had an unbelievably wet night. It started around eight o’clock, kept raining all through the night and didn’t stop until  about nine thirty this morning. It has made the ground bottomless and although the official going at Newmarket today is “soft with heavy patches” it will be heavy with even heavier patches. I had John and Bridget Brenchley come in to see their horses at first lot, so we went to the Al Bahathri and did some faster work. It was pretty busy up there and reminded me why I usually work on Tuesdays and Fridays when it is much quieter. Saying that, everything went well and all worked as we would have liked. I have got them all primed and ready to run - we just need it to stop raining now.

       14_-_The_Brenchleys_with_the_Guvnor_and_Star_Of_Missouri      14_-_The_Guvnor_on_the_Heath_with_the_Brenchleys

The Brenchleys in the yard with Star of Missouri...

... and on the Heath with The Guv'nor

I was delighted with Star Of Missouri yesterday. He behaved brilliantly both beforehand and during the race itself which will produce many good winners. He ran very nicely and will have gained considerable experience from the outing. Barwick was never moving as well as he can, and I think the very soft ground was his undoing. I will now give him a break and bring him back on better ground.


Star Commander

The Guv'nor getting feedback from Harry after coming up the Al Bahathri

We have one runner today - Blimey O’Riley is in the 5:05 at Newmarket. He is running over a trip that is a bit short for him, but with the ground “soft” it will make for a real staying test. After three days of racing on the same track there will be no good place to go, but hopefully he can run with credit.


 Topamichi, Frederick Alfred, My Guardian Angel

        14_-_Joe_The_Coat_Like_Clockwork      14_-_Likelikelikelikeit_Silk_Scarf

           Joe The Coat leads Like Clockwork               Likelikelikelikeit leads Silk Scarf

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It will be interesting to see the attendance figures for this week's racing at Newmarket. There didn’t seem to be too many people there yesterday, and although it was pretty wet and miserable it just didn’t have the atmosphere and feel of a July meeting. The sunshine always makes a big difference to a race meeting and it’s been disappointing for everybody, especially the horsemen, who have had to withdraw a lot of horses this week.


The Guv'nor doing the notice board for the day