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A canter on both Warren and Long hill this morning

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Winston Churchill.


Mystery Star bringing up Akula

Star Commander and Astroleo can also be seen

It is a mixture of blue sky and clouds with a stiff breeze this morning following another night of rain. If this keeps up it will start to dry the ground out, especially the grass canters. Sadly the forecast is for it to pour again tomorrow and Thursday so there is very little hope of good ground anywhere in the near future. We have done two good canters with everything this morning up the Mactrac on Warren Hill and then the grass on Long Hill.


Star Commander seen leading Astroleo and Locum

Our runner last night, Astroscarlet, was third. What a consistent and genuine filly she is, not having been out of the first four this year. I think she just met a big improver in the winner and she gave the second twelve pounds - and that was by Galileo. We were three lengths in front of the fourth and I will now be waiting for some good ground on the grass to run her next.  


Lady Bellatrix with Jennifer J

Lady Bellatrix is entered at Pontefract on Friday

We have two runners tonight at Yarmouth; unfortunately it’s the first and the last which means plenty of waiting about in the middle. Our first runner is Topamichi. I have already had him cut as he has been a bit of a lad and I have also put the blinkers on him, just to make him concentrate. He is out of Topatori who has been a great servant to us, most of her offspring having been useful including the Group Three winner Topatoo. Topamichi is a strong gelding who will improve greatly for the outing.

If we are all still awake, Chankillo is our other runner in the mile and six furlong handicap at 8:50. He has run some sound races this year, stays this trip, and I don’t think he will be too far away tonight.


Five Hearts leads Zenarinda

You may see an apology on page thirteen of the Racing Post today. This is about a tweet that was attributed to me on Sunday. The wording used was, to put it bluntly, crude and juvenile. It was nothing whatsoever to do with me as I don’t have a twitter account, and think anybody who does is crackers. These social media sites cause more trouble than they are worth. You only have to see what trouble the cricketers and footballers get into to realise this. I hope anybody who read it will understand it was not of my doing.


Dazinski with Eanans Bay

I see the head of stewarding William Nunneley is retiring at the end of the year. He has been a stalwart to the industry and his integrity, calmness and ability to get things across - especially to the media - will be sadly missed. I wish him well in the future and hope his successor is cut from the same cloth.

17_-_One_of_the_strings_heading_for_the_Long_Hill_grass_canterThe string heading to the Long Hill grass canter after coming up the Mactrac