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A visit to Bury Hills

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

 “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X.


Astroleo coming up the Bury Hills Ecotrack

It is another cool morning with a few spits of rain in the breeze. I think the forecast is for it to be quite wet today but then get much warmer and brighter towards the weekend. We were on Bury Hills Ecotrack this morning for a change and all the riders reported that it rode very well. The variety of all-weather tracks we have in Newmarket is amazing, and as a result everybody has been able to keep their horses fit and healthy during this wet spell.

      18_-_The_Guvnor_talking_to_Darren     18_-_The_Guvnor_on_Bury_Hills

        The Guv'nor talking to Darren...                    ...and seen on Bury Hills at first lot

Our two runners didn’t sparkle yesterday and Chankillo especially was disappointing. It could have been the very sticky ground which was affecting him, but I will be having him tested in the next couple of days just to check him out. Topamichi ran much better than his finishing place suggests and he is sure to improve considerably on his next outing.

   18_-_Circuling_-_lead_by_Rayvin_Black     18_-_Eanans_Bay

          Taking a turn - Rayvin Black in front                                      Eanans Bay (Iain)

I am glad to see Charlie Mann standing up to the BHA who are threatening further action against the trainers if they have another boycott. I don’t know what they expect everybody to do in these circumstances, as the racecourses have the money but they just will not put it into prize-money. They are paying off other debts  rather than giving it to the horsemen who supply their product. This is completely the wrong way round and I encourage the trainers to continue in the vein they are going. When the jockey’s riding fee is bigger than his percentage for riding a winner it must be wrong, and this is what is happening all the time.  


Mystery Star leads first lot home