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An overcast but dry start following another wet night

Thursday, 19 July 2012

“It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.”
Lou Holtz.


The string seen heading down Side Hill towards the Mactrac

Tattersalls sales complex and the Rowley Mile grandstand seen in the distance

Once again there was plenty of rain about last night with some really heavy, thundery showers which have battered the bedding plants and roses - just as they were starting to flourish. It’s a cool and overcast morning, but everybody is in and the horses have been out and had a good exercise on the Bury Side of town.

        19_-_The_string_seen_heading_up_the_Mactrac     19_-_Lady_Bellatrix._Jennifer_J

              First lot coming up the Mactrac                      Lady Bellatrix leads Jennifer J

There have been plenty of really good articles in the Racing Post over the last couple of days. The one yesterday by Peter Thomas was particularity good. He asked: why can’t we get a straight answer as to how much money is actually coming into the sport, especially from media rights and  international income after the forty-eight hour declaration scheme? He pointed out that everybody talks about these things, but nothing is ever black and white for people to see. He is quite right. It should be clear to everybody how much or how little we have to play with.

19_-_LocumLocum (Jordon)

Locum is one of our syndicate horses in which there is one share still available

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Following on from the above paragraph, Alan Morcombe has a very good piece in today's Racing Post. He is the Chief Executive of the Horsemen's Group and his interview should be compulsory reading. He explains, in detail, his role and that of the Horsemen's Group. It represents the owners, trainers, breeders, stable staff and jockeys who are the professionals in this sport and supply the players for the racecourses to run their businesses. It’s a great read and his comments on the recent Betfair agreement are fascinating. He shows his disdain at the BHA for threatening to take further action against the trainers which just confirms the view I expressed yesterday. We must all support the Horsemen's Group wholeheartedly, because if they fail this whole industry will go down like a pack of cards.

20_-_Heading_down_the_walking_groundHeading for home down the Side Hill walking ground