The new game machines are set to go in the shops ...

Temperatures set to soar

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Self-belief is probably the most crucial factor in sporting success"
Sir Steve Redgrave


Another fantastic morning with the temperatures set to soar. They are saying it may be the warmest day of the year so far, so we have had an easy day with all of the horses. They have had a nice canter followed by a good 15 minutes picking grass. On days like this you soon forget all those cold wet ones we've had recently.

I see that Racing for Change is ‘at it again’ with a few of the London-based tracks using metric measurements of weights and distances alongside the normal pounds and furlongs. It’s supposed to attract younger people and overseas visitors who use metric, but we have got to do one or the other. It’s 'make your mind up' time, in my opinion. It would be very sad to see furlongs, stones and pounds go. And I wonder what it is costing Racing for Change to do this?

Another interesting announcement is the report published yesterday by the Department for Culture Media and Sport. Although making several points, the main one was that they thought more fixed odds betting terminals (or FOBT’s, as they call them) should be allowed in the shops. This is another absolutely crackers idea, in my opinion, as we might as well just be like Las Vegas in every town and city. They think it may tackle the problem of the clustering of betting shops in inner city areas, but where they get these ideas from I will never know! And, don’t forget, no profit from these machines goes back in to racing.