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A mixed morning

Monday, 30 July 2012

"See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little."

Pope John XXIII.


The Kheleyf two-year-old

27_Blimey_OReilly                27_Angels     

                      Blimey O'Riley                                                      Angels Guard You

A mixed morning weather-wise as we have had showers as well as sunshine, and the forecast is more of the same during the week. A canter on Bury Hills followed by the grass on Railway Land was first lot's exercise and second lot have done two up the Mac Trac on Warren Hill. We are swimming a lot of the recent runners and giving them an hour or two in the paddock. It really freshens them up and takes out of their legs any jar that may have occurred on the fast ground.


Joe The Coat

The fall-out from the closure of Hereford and Folkestone continues in the Racing Post today with plenty of letters and articles, mostly bemoaning the fact that this has been allowed to happen. I don't know why there is much surprise as this was always going to happen with the owners of the group being property developers with very little interest in the racing industry, and with our leaders being apathetic and unaware of what was taking place in the real world. To champion as a victory the deal they did with Betfair, which should have been three times as much, is just an example of what I mean.