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Friday, 03 August 2012

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."



  Kathleen Frances...

01_Fred_01         22_Jennifer_J

                                  ...  and her siblings Frederick Alfred and Jennifer J

A bright, sunny morning with very clean air. It's not muggy at all and it is a pleasure to be out and about on the heath. I took first lot over to Racecourse Side to do some fast work on the Peat Moss gallop which was in tremendous shape. Everything went well and all the horses pleased me. At second lot I went on the Between The Banks gallop which is similar to the peat moss surface but, as the name says, is between two banks. One was built by Boadicea to keep the marauding hordes out of East Anglia and the other was built to prevent touts seeing the end of pieces of work. It is an interesting gallop to ride as it has two slight rises as you climb up from the six-furlong pole. It's especially good for two-year-olds and they were the ones I took there second lot.



The Boss        



Topatoo with her Rail Link colt who was weaned yesterday

It was interesting to see that Ladbrokes increased their profits by 48 per cent - and that's after William Hill had posted very good figures as well. It's marvellous to see these professionally-run businesses making millions of pounds off the back of our industry while we, who supply the product for them to make their money, get crumbs in return. If only our executives were paid on results we might see an improvement but sadly they are not. Saying that though, I think Alan Morecombe might get a bonus if the tariffs are met. At least he is trying to get something back for the professionals.