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Crazy weather

Monday, 06 August 2012

"A horse is worth more than riches."

Spanish Proverb.


Going round the indoor school


Mark with Lady Bellatrix

What amazing weather we have had over the weekend with torrential rainstorms, hail and thunder and lightning mixed in with warm sunny interludes. The meeting at Chester was abandoned after three races as the course was completely waterlogged. Forty thousand people had attended despite the lure of the Olympics on TV and and they must have been very disappointed that racing couldn't continue.

We have had a good morning with a couple of canters for most horses and everything has gone well so far - only one loose one!


Star of Missouri, Frederick Alfred and Topamichi

astrosapphire               Monday_01

     Lady Bellatrix with Astrosapphire                      Star Commander with Smokey Oakey

We were very light on runners last week but hopefully we'll be making up for it from Wednesday onwards. It's Yarmouth then and I always like to have runners there - I have been leading trainer for the last few years. Yarmouth is one of those places which is a bit out on a limb but suits Newmarket trainers as it is only an hour and a quarter away and has a good racing surface. I only wish the prize-money was a bit better, but if there are any prospective owners who live in the East Anglia region you know the best man to come to for a winner at this holiday course.

The Olympics continue to enthrall everybody and what a great last few days we have had. There were 17 million people watching Mo Farrah win the 10,000 metres and I think these Games will spur the next generation to even greater heights.