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Another lovely, warm morning

Thursday, 17 June 2010



                                                  Edward Whymper and Astrodonna

                                 ''While we pursue happiness, we flee from contentment.''


                                    Imjin River, having a pipe-opener for tomorrow

Another lovely, warm morning but still very dry and we are now, again, starting to get a bit desperate for some rain. It was very fast ground at Ascot yesterday and course records were being broken in nearly every race. The clerk of the course was planning to put on some water last night but, what with the sunshine and the wind, it will only keep the conditions as they are.


                     Taking a turn, while they get their orders, before second canter

One runner tonight at Leicester in the 7.10pm, Fasette, who will try to follow up her win of last week at Yarmouth. We are going round the other way today and upping in trip but I would expect her to be involved in the finish again.


                                Mystery Star, Forgotten Army and Power of Dreams

Angie and I had a fantastic day at Ascot yesterday, one that we will never forget.

After day two both Phil and I are showing only a small loss, which I think at this stage, having a bet in every race is not bad going and we have also had a lot of horses in the frame. The standings, at the moment, are MHT down £7.37 and Phil down £3.24.

2.30: Zebedee - MHT, Dinkum Diamond - Phil

3.05: Principal Role - MHT, Middle Cub - Phil

3.50: Manifest - MHT and Phil

4.25: Kona Coast - MHT, Navajo Chief - Phil

5.00: Afsare - MHT, Quadrille - Phil

5.35: London Stripe - MHT, Berling - Phil

Good luck to everybody today, it is just such fantastic racing and who needs 'Racing fo Change'. 


                                        Watch Chain, Piccarello and Old Boy Ted


                                                     Heading home in the hazy sunshine