They are not children ...

A blisteringly hot morning

Monday, 28 June 2010



                                         The string cantering around Bury Hill                     

                          ''Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.''

                                                            - Charles Kettering


                                                                  Red Barcelona

A blisteringly hot morning with not a cloud to be seen and no rain forecast for us in East Anglia; they are talking about rain towards the end of the week but not in the east. We are beginning to look more like the Mediterranean every day.



We will be having no runners until, at least, the weekend, which is a bit frustrating but, in the long run, I am sure will be the right decision; having horses come back from the races jarred up is always very disappointing and it takes ages to get them moving correctly again. The back lady will see them several times, they can swim and you must go easy on them.



I must have been kidding myself and am very disappointed to think that I actually thought we had a chance of beating Germany at the weekend. We could go on about the goal that never was, we can blame the referee and the manager but the truth is the players are not good enough on this world stage. Until we change the make-up of the Premier League and our youth coaching system, I cannot see any way we will be compeitive at this level.


                                                                     Imjin River