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Not quite as warm this morning

Tuesday, 06 July 2010


                       Imjin River and Astrodonna on the Al Bahathri gallop

''He that never changes his opinion, never corrects his mistakes and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today.''

                                                                   - Tryon Edwards


             Steve Smith-Eccles on his first day back in the saddle on Kinsya

Not quite as warm this morning, as it has been but a lot more comfortable for both man and horse. There was a change of venue first lot, as the horses made their way over to the Al Bahathri gallop to work. The Al Bahathri is an extended mile, Polytrack gallop, which runs alongside the railway line on what used to be Lord Derby's private training ground. After Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum won the 1000gns with his filly, Al Bahathri, in 1985, he decided to fund a gallop in memory of that victory; the gallop has become the main place for horses to work on an all-weather surface in Newmarket.


                              Second lot makes its way over to Racecourse side

Second lot went over to Racecourse side to work the watered gallop with some of the more backward two year olds, continuing their education and coming along in leaps and bounds with each piece of work. The firm ground has meant that it has been hard for the two year olds and, in particular, the backward two year olds to get much of their education on the grass. Working on all-weather surfaces is marvellous for getting horses fit but the education that horses get, going out onto the wide, open spaces of Racecourse side is irreplaceable.


Smokey Oakey, Astrolibra and Astrovenus in single file on the watered gallop

The variety of gallops in Newmarket is what makes it unique and is, undoubtably, a major factor in the success of Newmarket as a training centre. With over 2000 acres of heathland and miles of all-weather and grass gallops, the horses here have experienced so much more than other horses, trained elsewhere, that they have a distinct advantage when they first run and are likely to be less green.


                    Old Boy Ted and Dictate with Star Commander leading

No runners again today but Watch Chain is declared to run at Folkestone on Thursday and we hope to run Dazinsky, on Friday, at Ascot with some other possible runners over the weekend. As I keep saying, you need to be careful what you run on this firm ground, as an injury at this stage of the year can put that horse out of action for the rest of the season.


MHT with Conrad Lockey and Richard Marriott admiring their hopes for the future