Four Fifty Three runs today in the 4.55 ....

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It's still snowing

Thursday, 01 March 2018

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."

Carl Reiner.


Garrison Law

It's still snowing this morning and blowing very hard which is making it much colder. The sky still looks full of it and I suspect we are a long way from finished. It's all hands to the deck this morning in the yard and at the stud, and its days like this that people sitting in warm offices will never understand. It was perishing riding out but everybody is very cheerful and getting on with it. Despite our efforts last night to put extra cover on pipework, all the taps are completely frozen in the yard apart from one in the feed house, so I've been filling buckets as quickly as possible before that freezes as well. We have one non runner in the yard staff and poor Di has been off for several days now with a very bad infection.


Snow on Hamilton Hill above and below


I had already made the decision not to send Indian Red to Newcastle as the roads are treacherous, and it's just stupid to me that the clerk of the course keeps putting back inspections rather than call it off early and give everybody a break. You can never get hold of anyone anyway as they don't answer their phones and there are no alternative numbers. This new BHA website is very poor in this respect. The old one had much more information. The clerks of the courses and groundsmen must be available at all times to give the trainers with runners up to date information. In this day and age of instant news this industry seems to be lagging behind.


Setting out, and below home safe and sound


The BHA industry roadshow hits Newmarket today and I shall be going along to hear what they all have to say. I will be asking Nick Rust what he meant by trainers viability and his comment that if trainers can't pay the right amount to staff and give them the right conditions, there could be a good reason for having less trainers. He will probably say he didn't mean it that way but it will be interesting to hear his answer. There will be all the great and good of Newmarket there and I shall report back tomorrow - if I am not stuck in a snow drift.


The Jockey Club men do a fantasic job keeping everything going whatever the weather


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