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The horses are bucking and kicking

Thursday, 30 August 2018

"You learn something every day if you pay attention."

Ray Le Blond.


Four Fifty Three

It's a blue sky morning, with no wind at all and the temperature is starting to rise. The horses all look pictures and are bucking and kicking out at exercise, which is always a good sign of their well being. In fact we had a loose one on the Heath at first lot who was quickly caught, and then did two canters.


Ginger Lady

Rum Ration, our runner last night, jumped well but didn't put much effort in when asked to, and he will only be having one run with blinkers on to see if they can work the oracle. He was outstanding in the paddock and given a good ride by Jack, but motivation is his problem. Hopefully some headgear might concentrate his mind.


Velvet Vision

The BHA have had a review into stewarding on the go for a while. Yesterday they announced their new model for the future. There will now be two professional stewards and one "amatuer volunteer" who will chair the panel. The BHA Chief Regulatory Officer says,"We are at continuous risk from unscrupulous interests who seek to exploit the sport for financial gain." He then goes on to say that athletics, boxing and cycling give real evidence of the negative effect any perception of corruption can have on the popularity and reputation of the sport. The new model will cost, according to the Racing Post, £330,000 per annum which will no doubt increase as the years go on.

In my opinion they want to improve the field operators rather then the stewards who have been doing a great job for so long and are unpaid. If there is a prolification of off shore unregulated exchanges there needs to be the most severe investigation the sport can manage. I agree and insist that the sport must be clean, but for as long as the exchanges are allowed, when you can bet to lose, there will always be a problem.




What a wet day

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."

Thomas Jefferson.

What a great day for ducks

It’s a wet start to the day and we have had steady rain now since 5.30, so at least five hours’ worth and it still looks set. We have a smaller team in than usual, but the horses have had a good canter and everybody is working well. On mornings like this you just crack on and get things done.

Off to the wash down box

We have one runner today at Worcester. Rum Ration makes his debut over hurdles in the 6.45, the two mile juvenile. Only two or three of these horses have run but there is a field of 10 and it will give him a very good introduction. Jack Quinlan takes the ride and if he jumps well he could sneak into a place. He is the type of horse who should improve from his poorish flat racing when seeing eight flights of hurdles.

Monsieur Bond ex Smile That Smile

I had to laugh this morning when I read the Racing Post and what the experts were saying was the cause of the Chepstow abandonment this week. After calling in an agronomist and the BHA racecourse inspectorate, the statement put out was that “it was the apparent lack of root growth which caused the problem”. We have been stating the obvious for the last so many years, that once you water, the roots grow sideways not downwards and the top surface becomes more like moss and less like turf. It is straightforward common sense once again. If you water you will always have problems when it rains as the top surface becomes loose and very slippery. I don’t know how much these so called experts cost, but it doesn’t take anybody with one brain cell to understand how it happens. Time is the only cure as the roots have to go downwards to get a grip.

As for Bath they have no watering system but the BHA won’t let them race because the ground is too firm and hard would be in the going description. There are plenty of people that would race their horses on fast ground and some that need it. It is amazing how they come back afterwards perfectly ok. It just suits some and not others, but the BHA is paranoid about putting hard in the going description for some unknown reason. Political correctness no doubt, but with this rain Bath should now get going once again. Tthe ground there should be perfect as the roots would have gone as far down as they could do searching for moisture.


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