Clearance runs at Lingfield followed by Velvet Vision at Newcastle ....

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It's quite a bright day today

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

Joseph Campbell.

Topapinion ready for third lot

It’s a bright morning after a very cold and wet night. Bands of rain are forecast but thank goodness, as yet, they have not arrived. We have been doing normal conditioning canters and with everybody in and working well, we have had no problems. We could do with some warmer weather though and I can’t wait for February to be over and start to move forward into proper spring. With the amount of rain we have had over the last couple of months it must soon end and then we can get a spell of dry spring weather.


Our runner yesterday hated every minute of the Southwell track. You could see cantering down that she wasn’t moving fluently on it and the kickback in the race just compounded her day. If you don’t try it, you don’t get anywhere, but she will certainly not be going back there and we can disregard yesterday’s run. I thought the jockey conducted himself very well, was intelligent, tidy and professional. If he gets a bit of luck, he can certainly make a living in the industry.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

There have been a few jockeys retire from the saddle recently for many different reasons, but it is hard for them all to make a living, even with the amount of racing that we have got to put up with. This has always been the case though and it is nothing new that people retire and try something different, whether they leave the industry altogether, or continue in another aspect of it. The jockeys association have a good retraining programme with plenty of advice for another career, they also assist with funding, which always helps. As the saying goes ‘when one door shuts, another one opens’, and fate plays a huge part in all our lives.


We have one runner today at Southwell

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

"We lack resolve and blame fate, mistaking the drift for the tides."

Robert Brault.

The sunrise over Newmarket this morning

It’s a bitterly cold morning with a strong wind which is making it even worse. The forecast is for rain later - typical February weather. We have had a good morning so far with some fast work done on the Cambridge Road and good conditioning cantering closer to home. All riders who should be here are in and one of the yard staff, who has been off through illness, is back in as well. We have also had a new starter on the stud, but that has only slightly helped as we have had one off with illness there as well.

Ginger Lady

We have one runner today at the only meeting of the day. The two jump meetings have been abandoned, so the exotic surroundings of Southwell will be central to the racing world. Our runner, Velvet Voice, is in the first at 2.20, the mile and a half apprentice handicap. I am using Gary Mahon, an apprentice with Richard Hannon. We will have to see how he gets on. We have a bad draw, which doesn’t help things and it is the filly's first time on the fibresand. Her mother liked it though and we can be hopeful of a good run if she takes to it and gets lucky in the race.


Our overdue mares are getting bigger, but I think the cold weather is keeping them from foaling. It is amazing how nature works as I am sure they think they are not going to have them in this sort of weather. We have had one foal in the vets for a week, but it is hopefully going to come home today. He had a setback early on which required some constant care and we are so lucky to have the most brilliant vets in the world in Newmarket. There is 24 hour cover, both veterinary and nursing wise, and but for them, there would be so many more foals lost each year.


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