Ginger Lady runs today in the 5 o'clock at Chelmsford ...

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We have three runners tomorrow at Chelmsford

Friday, 03 August 2018

"It is one of nature’s ways that we often feel closer to distant generations than to the generation immediately preceding us."

Igor Stravinsky.

Walking to the start of the gallop

It’s a very similar day to yesterday in that it is boiling hot, blue sky, no wind and it’s not nine o’clock yet. We are having a good morning with a full complement of staff. First lot were doing pipe openers for tomorrow, and second lot worked in groups on the Rubbing House Polytrack. All the rest will be cantering on Southfield Round and Hamilton Hill. A successful morning so far.

The Franklins getting feedback from first lot

We have three runners tomorrow, all at Chelmsford. Melo Pearl makes her debut in the 6f fillies’ novice. She has done nothing wrong so far and this experience will do her the power of good. I am sure she will perform with credit. John Egan takes the ride. Four Fifty Three is our second runner at 3.55. He is a two times course and distance winner here but we have moved up in grade a bit. He is drawn well in one and I think he is another who will do himself justice. Nicky Mackay rides. Our last runner, Roof Garden, is in the next at 4.30, the mile and a quarter handicap. He is a big horse who has taken time to come to himself and has not run for quite a long time. I think the trip will suit and he should run perfectly adequately. Nicky Mackay will be on board.

Garrison Law and Quanah second lot

I see the appeal against the photo finish at Market Rasen, which didn’t have a mirror, failed in the attempt to have the horse made the outright winner. It was obvious to me that it would fail as without a mirror the judge had no other decision to make. You do have to feel sorry for the owners who lost out as in this day and age every course should be equipped with the proper photo finish camera, regardless of how wide the track is or all the other excuses they come up with for not having the right equipment. The BHA has got to get its act quickly into gear on this issue.

Cutting the grass

It was a good day at Goodwood for me yesterday with three early winners and I am now in profit after three days. There are still two days to go and we will put our efforts up in the morning on this site, but the selections for today are below.


1.50  Mirage Dancer    2.25  Threading    3.00  Escobar    3.35  Sioux Nation    4.10  Leading Spirit    4.40    Most Gifted    5.15  Howman


1.50  Red Verdon    2.25  Ostilio    3.00  Seniority    3.35  Take Cover    4.10  Leoube    4.40  Sequilla    5.15  Winged Spur

Standings after day three are MHT plus £10.83 and Richard minus £155.00

and on the polytracks

As you know Phil on Friday finished last week and I have so many people come up to me and say how much they enjoyed it. Let’s hope Phil can come up with a piece or two in the next few months.


We had a schooling session this morning

Thursday, 02 August 2018

"Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing."

Adolphe Monod.

     23_Indian     26_Voice
(L) Indian Red (R) Velvet Voice 

It’s another very warm morning and it feels as if it is going to be just as scorching as we have had these past few weeks. The welcome drop of rain we had now seems a long time ago. It has been a good morning with the horses once again and with a full lot of riders in we have not only been doing good canters with them all, we have popped three or four over hurdles as well. Everything went smoothly and all the reports from the riders were very positive.

Jumping the tyres

I will be running quite a lot of horses from now onwards and I am sure they will do themselves justice. The one major problem trainers get is that unless they have their own retained jockey, it is hard to find one that suits everybody - who is going to the meeting, can do the weight and is not banned. When you have five afternoon and two evening meetings, as we do on Saturday, it is near impossible. Owners do get disappointed if their favourite jockey is not available, but why have all these meetings and why let Thirsk and Doncaster run on the same afternoon. I am afraid the race planning in our industry has got out of complete control. It now seems that it is the racecourses and bookmakers who run the industry and the BHA are nearly powerless.

     35_Indian     37_Rum
(L) Indian Red (R) Rum Ration

Velvet Voice jumping well

I got the Owner and Breeder magazine today with the editorial and a few articles going on about diversity in racing and how there should be more. There is no problem with diversity in racing. In fact we are one big, happy family with everybody welcome. It doesn’t matter what age, colour or sex you are there is a fantastic opportunity for anybody to get on or be involved in our sport. I personally can’t see any problems, but you can’t force people to go racing and ability, whether you are male or female, will always rise to the top.

Over the brush hurdles

It’s the third day today of Glorious Goodwood and I am afraid we didn’t come up with any winners yesterday, but we did have a few near misses. I have still got my head just in front, but with a minus figure. Our selections for today are below.


1.50  Communique    2.25  Pilaster    3.00  Land Force    3.35  Rhododendron    4.10  Cupboard Love    4.45  Lady Cosette    5.20  Embour


1.50  Rock Eagle    2.25  God Given    3.00    Neverland Rock    3.35  Rhododendron    4.10  No More Regrets    4.45  Black Medick    5.20  Cowboy Soldier

Standings after day two – MHT minus £36.67 and Richard minus £85.00  


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