The turf season is just around the corner ...

Staff Profiles




JOB:  Assistant Trainer 

FAVOURITE HORSE:  It's very hard for me to pick a favourite, but I think it has to be Garren Glen and Ex Missouri for their attitudes and toughness.

BEST RACING MOMENT: I'm still waiting for it to happen.

BACKGROUND:  Born and raised in Glasgow.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I have 25 years experience working within the equine industry. Joined MHT recently and we are all working hard to make it a successful season.



JOB:  Work Rider / Travelling Head Person

FAVOURITE HORSE:  Casamento ex Lady Bellatrix two-year-old (known affectionately to me as Johnny) because I have ridden him since he was broken in and he has so much character.

BEST RACING MOMENT: It has to be leading up a horse that had previously broken down. I was told it would never run again - not only did she run but she also won. She was such an amazing filly.

BACKGROUND:  I was born in Surrey then moved to Allington. I watched a film called Secretariat and thought I would love to do that job so enrolled in the British Racing School

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE:  I have worked for Alan McCabe, Charlie Fellows and a couple of pre-trainers before joining the team at Frankland Lodge.



JOB:  Yard Man.

FAVOURITE HORSE: I have a number of favourites, TTMAB, Saint Anthony, Pageant Master amongst others.

BEST RACING MOMENT: I don't have one specific best racing moment, I like all the moments.

BACKGROUND:  I was born in Poland and came to Newmarket six years ago.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I have worked for John Ryan and Ed Vaughan.



JOB:  Yard Person / Travelling Head Person

FAVOURITE HORSE: Astrobreeze because she has got her own character and she is so lovely and sweet.

BEST RACING MOMENT: Leading in a winner and winning best turned out.

BACKGROUND: Born in West Germany under the British Army (my dad was in the Royal Horse Artillery). Moved around the world, living in South Africa for nine years, and moved to England in 1990.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I worked in Quendon Park (show jumping, three day eventing, dressage, cross country competition yard) and a riding school. I was head yard girl at a livery yard and then moved into racing in 2012 working for Michael Bell and joined MHT in May 2017.



JOB:  Yard Person 

FAVOURITE HORSE: Astrojewel because she is such a sweet filly.

BEST RACING MOMENT: When I won £6.50 on my first bet.

BACKGROUND: Born in Colchester, I spent most of my life in ousden and went to school in Newmarket.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I joined the Army at 17 and served for two years. I have been a gardener for most of my life and also worked with horses. I have previously worked at Tattersalls, Gazeley Stud, Robyn Brisland and George Scott before joining the team at Frankland Lodge.



JOB:  Yard Person 

FAVOURITE HORSE: Isaac Murphy because he gives great cuddles and is stubborn like me.

BEST RACING MOMENT: The first time seeing horses in a race galloping past and jumping the hurdles.

BACKGROUND: Born in Basildon Hospital in Essex, I moved to Newmarket in 2012. I have been around horses all my life and love every minute of it.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I have worked in a riding school and a livery yard. I have also worked in Asda and a dog groomers.



JOB: Farrier                                                                                          

FAVOURITE HORSE: Singing Hinnie because she is beautiful and I would like to her as my showhunter.  
BEST RACING MOMENT: Plating a horse which was third in the Oaks

BACKGROUND: I was born in Birmingham. I studied for five years to become a farrier. I have worked for myself now for two years. I also own a horse that was trained by MHT, Astrobrava, who has twice taken me to HOYS

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I have the pleasure of working in some good yards and studs including MHT and Dullingham Park, Michael Bell, Gaye Kelleway, Cheveley Park and Newsells to name just a few.  


JOB: Racing secretary.

BACKGROUND: I was born in West Ilsley when Major Dick Hearn was at the helm. I am married with two daughters.  My husband Chris works for James Tate and my eldest daughter Michaela works for Ed Walker.  Aliesha, the youngest, is a pre-school teacher.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I worked for Peter Harris / Walter Swinburn for 15 years, initially as Partnership Secretary then for the last six years as Racing Secretary. When the  stable closed down I moved up to Newmarket and spent 16 months with Ismail Mohammed before joining the team at Exeter Ride.

                                                                         PHIL GREEN


JOB: Life member of the team.


BEST RACING MOMENT: There are two: Bob's Return winning the St. Leger in my first season at Flint Cottage and Staunch Friend's win at Punchestown - a day never to be forgotten, if only I could remember it after the party!

BACKGROUND: Born near Northampton and still support The Cobblers - after beloved Arsenal, of course. Class is everything. My family was much involved in horses. Father, grandfather and great grandfather were all farriers, my uncle was a feed merchant, my aunt was an illegal bookmaker (until she was 83) and my great aunt was a nun but she probably liked the odd bet if the convent's wine and honey had sold well.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: Journalism. To enhance my income while a junior reporter on Northampton's daily paper, I became a very occasional pop group 'minder' (including The Rolling Stones) and also a part-time betting office clerk. Later became Chief Sub-Editor and Editor of the Northampton Chronicle. Retired and then ran MHT's syndicates, was a minor jockeys' agent and freelance writer/editor before joining Mark in 1993. Retired again in 2007 but still couldn't escape, so now very old and only part-time.



JOB: Accounts manager


BEST RACING MOMENT: The involvement with Ted Spread in the big races has been great. Also, before Lord Gyllene won the Grand National, I just 'knew' that he would win so backed him ante-post and on the day. 

BACKGROUND: I was born in Hackney and grew up in Waltham Abbey.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: Spent the first 10 years of my working life as a lifeguard in a sports centre, working my way up to being assistant manager. Then in the mid-1990's, I went to work for Campbells (Bookmakers) Ltd as a counterhand, later becoming the Operations Manager. Campbells were then bought out by Tote Sport. Joined MHT in December 2008.




 JOB: Stud Groom.

FAVOURITE HORSE: Five Hearts and Astromagick.

BEST RACING MOMENT: Brushing winning the Galtres stakes. Also, the 2002 Racing Post Trophy, when Brian Boru finished first, Powerscourt finished second and Illustrator finished third, as I saw all three being born.

BACKGROUND: I was born and grew up near Wincanton in Somerset.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I started helping out at Vilmoray Stud, when I should have been at school. Then I went on to work at Whitsbury Manor Stud, Meon Valley Stud, Juddmonte and Bearstone Stud before coming to Dullingham Park Stud in August 2007. 



 JOB: Stud hand.

FAVOURITE HORSE: Fantastic Light, as I groomed him at Godolphin.

BEST RACING MOMENT: Dubai Millennium winning the Dubai World Cup.

BACKGROUND: I was born and grew up in Pakistan in the Swat Valley.

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I worked in Dubai from 1988 until 1996 for Sheikh Mohammed with his camels, then I went to Godolphin until 2004. I joined Dullingham Park straight away in 2004. 



JOB: Housekeeper.


BEST RACING MOMENT: Bob's Return winning the St. Leger.

BACKGROUND: I was born in Burwell and have been married for 35 years to Colin. I have two children, Jamie and Stacey and our gorgeous, lovely granddaughter, Evie, who is two on December 15th.  

PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE: I spent 23 years working in restaurants and had many enjoyable times and some not so enjoyable! I still miss some of the lovely customers we had. I have now been working for Mark and Angie for 20 years.